El Charro celebrates 100 years of work during Spanish Heritage Month

El Charro celebrates 100 years of work during Spanish Heritage Month

Tucson, Arizona (Cold News 13) – Friday marked Mexico’s Independence Day and the second day of Hispanic Heritage Month.

From September 15 to October 15, there are events throughout Tucson to celebrate and honor Spanish culture.

On Friday, the country’s oldest continuously operating Mexican restaurant celebrated its 100th anniversary.

″ I think it’s a great testament to the people who loved what they did. I think there are two women involved, the greats Tia Monica and Mom Carlotta who have basically run this company for the last 50 years each. “It’s been twice in 50 years, we are the new blood and it was just such a wonderful response from this community,” said Ray Flores, CEO of Si Charro.

It’s a huge milestone that many companies never see. From Flores Tia Monica who started as a caterer in 1922, to the invention of Chimichanga that put El Charro on the map, so far, it’s been an unforgettable journey.

There were also several bumps in the road along the way.

″ For me the biggest challenge was getting into COVID as a restaurant. I can’t imagine what she went through. She’s gone through Prohibitions, she’s gone through the Great Depression, she’s gone through world wars. But I think COVID for us on the most recent remembrance was a very terrifying time for our family business,” Flores said.

Flores says El Charro has mostly recovered from the pandemic and thanks to their dedicated staff and Tucson community they have been able to reach 100 years. El Charro also helped open the door for other local businesses to thrive. In Hispanic Heritage Month, Visit Tucson highlights many of these works with its Viva Tucson.

″ It is an all-encompassing campaign that really has a set of all-encompassing events. Megan Evans, Director of Communications at Visit Tucson, explained that more than 30 events take place during the month to celebrate Tucson’s Hispanic heritage.

It’s Viva Tucson’s first year and focuses on Tucson’s deep-rooted Hispanic heritage. You’ll find a menu of everything from mariachi, to folkloric dancers, to classic Mexican cuisine to help you celebrate all month long.

″ The importance of having an event like Viva Tucson is that it really showcases what is so integral to our identity here. Hispanic heritage is part of everything we do here. “It’s part food, it’s part arts and culture, it’s part architecture,” Evans said.

You can find a complete list of Spanish Heritage Month events over here.

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