Wolf, Giant, Diggin Tunes, and more

Wolf, Giant, Diggin Tunes, and more

Traversing the world of non-fungible items is a daunting task. With so many new NFT projects, artists, and large-scale groups popping up every week, it’s almost impossible to keep up with each subsequent development.

In the past, a simple browsing of OpenSea was enough to find the latest NFT craze. But things have changed drastically since the NFT boom of 2021. Now, NFT fans should be very aware of what and where they collect.

To help discover NFT’s amazing endeavours, both new and old, nft is now offering an understated article: a weekly column highlighting the innovative projects, groups, and artists driving the NFT space forward.

Pixel art farm with the logo of the game Wolf

Wolf game, launched in November 18 2021, is an NFT strategy game of play to gain pixels. With a set of 10,000 sheep and wolf themed NFTs, the game is described as a risk protocol for NFTs with new tokens and is a unique participant in the play-for-profit market.

Although Wolf Game is rich in lore and satire, the story and world building aspects of the game have a pivotal role in its performance. Within the game, users can share their NFTs to earn $WOOL. Those who own sheep tokens earn a provision of $WOOL daily, while those who own wolves can steal WOOL dollars when sheep owners go for the money. To learn more, visit the official Here is the Wolf Game website.

Giant, fired in February 16, 2022is a small batch photographic collection by a Ukrainian artist Artem Homilevsky. Created over two years, Giant was one of the first photo projects that Humilevskiy started after initially getting to know the camera in 2019.

Having taken thousands of photos and traveled countless kilometers for this project, Humilevskiy . said That Colossus is, in essence, “a journey in search of one’s identity.” The collection is an undoubtedly unique endeavor even among the ranks of the NFT photographic market and presents an interesting success story born out of adversity.

Degen Tunes was launched today February 16, 2022is a cartoon cat-themed PFP group founded by members of the NFT community Badr Asad And the Prince Lil. Featuring 8888 unique NFTs, it remained the community’s favorite group throughout the 2022 bear market.

While the philosophy based on Degen Toonz NFT membership is based on the tried-and-true methods of established PFP projects, the Toonz team has kept its community members on guard with various collector rewards and collaborative initiatives. After you recently dropped a file Merch cooperation With superstar DJ Steve Aoki and got cosign from Snoop DoggDegen Tunes continues to prove that bear markets can be a boom time, even for PFPs.

N friends have been defaced, launched in September 7, 2021is a set of 100 hand-drawn letters from Distorted multidisciplinary artist. With an impressive catalog of client work under his belt, Defaced turned his attention toward the NFT space in 2021, where the NF Friends series became his first major group.

Since the distribution of his art throughout the NFT ecosystem has been limited to only a few issues, Defaced ‘N’ Friends has worked to help add to the catalog of influential artists while allowing his fans to collect 1/1 of the vault. The collection sold out almost immediately and was heralded as a shining example of the success that an independent artist can achieve through small-scale collections.

The Last Supper featuring Catalina Whales NFTs

Catalina Well Blender was launched December 17, 2021is a multifaceted whale-themed PFP project directly related to the original entertainment studio Web3 WAGMI BEACH. Crowned in the 5555 NFTs, Catalina Weil’s group has gained fame as the Solana PFP.

Catalina Whales is one of Solana NFT’s few projects that aims to become a comprehensive leisure brand. Although we’ve seen many Ethereum projects go the same way, WAGMI Beach was adamant about becoming the ‘Web3 Disney for adults’.

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