X NFT range launched at record price

X NFT range launched at record price

Tenth Legendary Leaders

Tenth Legendary Leaders

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Senior NFT collectors and “ape-in” entrepreneurs as the group’s founding legendary leaders.

The Legendary Commanders is selling an average of 16 ETH (Ethereum) which is over $25,000 per digital set at the time of writing. “

– Sean Mara, Executive Producer of The X NFT and CEO of blocqX

Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA, September 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ – blocx (Executive Producer) announced today that X NFT The science is well established and their dynamic community is unleashed and growing.

They recently honored four influential names who bought Genesis Legendary Commanders thus raising the minimum set price which has traded over 40 ETH so far.

These are highly successful innovators, investors, and business leaders in both the web2 and web3 businesses and now hold the coveted title of X NFT Legendary Commanders.

Each asset is one of a kind and was built by a team of 3D artists led by former Activision Blizzard chief designer Daniel DiLallo (aka Lt. Dan) using the same powerful UE5 (Unreal Engine 5) technology used by major movie studios like Warner Bros. . Pictures (Matrix Resurrections) and game studios like Epic Games that designed Fortnite, Gears of War, and many other triple AAA titles.

Legendary Leaders are invited only to key business leaders and Web 3 innovators who have proven their ability to help build, legitimize, and drive the digital collection industry.

“Their individual success records are amazing and when put together they are nothing short of amazing,” said lead designer and designer Daniel Diallo. He further added, “At X NFT, you are really the company that you keep.

We are pleased to introduce you to the legendary founding leaders of X NFT.”

⚔️ Joan of Arc
Stephen Merkler
Follow @Satoshisview

Crypto investor and Blockchain developer. Stephen began his career on Wall Street in traditional banking and finance and achieved early success. Stephen early on identified the nascent growth of blockchain and cryptocurrency companies and quickly transitioned into a full-time web3 investor. One of his first calls was to own real estate in the real estate investment game “Upland”.

Stephen has invested and launched several successful NFT groups selling millions in the digital collectible space. He currently runs DAO, several successful NFT projects (BRUH PILLS, MetaVerse Dog), and Sayl the world’s first Owner Relationship Management platform for Web 3.

Sam Con
Follow @Sam_Sanyika

Sam “Sany” Coon is an NFT expert, entrepreneur, and co-founder of NFTGamer.TV

Known as one of the most respected figures in the NFT community, Sam, like many others before him, began his journey into the world of NFTs via the EOS blockchain Upland. Making a huge whale on the scene, Sam bought the “Grand Central Station” in Manhattan, New York, Upland for a cool $21,000.

This led to an interview with TD on the UPX Podcast and a friendship formed instantly. A few months later, he and TD came up with a concept for what would eventually become NFTGamerTV. Since then, Sam (aka Sany) has established himself as a staple in the WAX ​​and ETH communities and continues to expand his network with his charm, charisma and general liking.

⚔️ Leonidas
Keystone Robinson
Follow @KestonRobinson1
Keston, co-founder of Black Diamond Funding, saw an opportunity to create a plaintiff financing and law funding model that was more appropriate for an attorney/plaintiff. Since 2011, Keston has helped grow the company to over 50 million AUMs and works with businesses nationwide.

Jason Brown – jpg

A successful digital entrepreneur and business coach, Jason helps people take advantage of emerging web3 opportunities. His understanding of emerging technology and its impact on the market is unparalleled.

With more than 6 years of experience in the cryptocurrency market, Jason is a force of knowledge that helps people develop a fulfilling career in the NFT industry.

Although Jason never had a formal business education, he is among the top 5 digital marketers in the world for direct sales. Jason’s list of accomplishments doesn’t end there. Received the prestigious GoPro Million Dollar Hall of Fame award.

Currently, the digital entrepreneur owns two Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs and several other successful projects in the Web3 space. He also founded the Web3 development agency and co-owned IV Bars.

Profit was never the measure of his success. It has always been the value that it can create for people. As a business educator, mentor, and coach, Jason wants to provide something to help people grow and improve their physical, mental and financial well-being.

Alexander the Great
Calvin Becerra
Follow @calvinbecerra

Motivational Speaker, Business Coach, Web3 Innovator & Investor

Calvin Becerra is an internationally recognized business builder, motivational speaker, and business success coach. Calvin has changed the lives of millions around the world over the past two decades.

Calvin Becerra is a Multi-Entrepreneur, International Motivational Speaker, and Business Coach from Southern California. He has amassed a sales network of more than 1 million people in 155 countries and created many seven-figure passive incomes by developing leaders to be financially free.

Growing up in distress, he worked three jobs a day to support his family and put himself in a private school. After graduating from college, he became a successful real estate professional who developed into many other lucrative ventures.

He credits his success with having a small circle of positive and successful friends. Calvin often says, “Success begets success.” Calvin constantly pushes the boundaries of his work and what is truly possible, always looking for people who are more successful than he is, making him think more and learn more.

There is no hype machine. This project has been quietly built for years and has been a “best kept secret” among the invite-only shortlists for people working in business and technology. The interest has been enormous, ever since it went live on the Ethereum blockchain with big names amassed once they were approved to join. The already short list.. is getting shorter fast.

Who are the remaining six legendary leaders?

Only time will tell… so stay tuned for more updates on this ever-evolving community and soon to be minted 2 next legendary leaders, Sun Tzu and George Washington.

Additional pre-sale/pre-mint details can be found at www.thexnft.io.

blocqX is a decentralized enterprise innovation lab with a group of innovators and investors experienced in web3 and blockchain technologies. Projects include web3, blockchain infrastructure, Metaverse, Mining, DeFi, and NFTs.

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