After merging NFTs πŸ’š – Written by William M. Bester

After merging NFTs πŸ’š – Written by William M. Bester

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Dear non-bank home,

The vast majority of NFT activity takes place on Ethereum.

And with the merger reducing Ethereum’s energy use by more than 99% this week, NFTs are now green accordingly!

Because of their inertia, it would take some time to fend off the horde of “environmentally awful NFTs”. But there is no doubt going forward that the overall picture of NFTs will improve due to such a significant development, and this is something to celebrate.

Meanwhile, have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading ✌️


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  • Doodles Starch 54 million dollars by equity financing. 5 dollars

  • POAP May he be more pleased now 5.6 million mint nft.

  • facilitation inserted Nameswhich are NFTs representing 1% of the domed name ownership.

  • Yoga Labs Submit a trademark forMetaRPG. “

  • Museum of Modern Art Explore buy Her first NFTs.

  • Tyler Hobbs be launched QQLa generative collaborative project, next week.

  • Baby Nakamoto Rare Card resell to 90 eth.

  • Arabic rolled pinswhich allows creators to upload their audio files to the platform.

  • Jonathan Mann chest merge album.

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