Bitcoin: A place where people cheer whenever the price of Bitcoin ($BTC) drops.

Bitcoin: A place where people cheer whenever the price of Bitcoin ($BTC) drops.

Recently, The Guardian took a closer look at the “Buttcoin” subreddit community, which was created in July 2011 and currently has around 137,000 members.

On September 9, the Guardian newspaper published a Report about Bitcoin The community on Reddit. One Mail Which the report highlighted, titled “I’m Addicted, I Need Help,” was written about three months ago:

I just love watching the streak go down so much. I always tell myself “after you break through the next support line you will feel good” but there is always another lower level after that. It keeps falling and I’m watching and I can’t stop. Send help. Jk, don’t send help sending popcorn.

The report went on to say that “a tech industry worker who frequents Bitcoin told the Guardian that they stayed up until 3am one night to witness the accident.” This person said:

I know this may sound pathetic, but I get a dopamine hit when I see the price of bitcoin drop. It was very exciting.

The report added:

Just like the crypto culture you’re making fun of, Buttcoin has its own set of memes. Some of them simply flip cipher sayings. Instead of paying for the token price hike “to the moon,” Buttcoin users are chanting “to the ground.” But the most common Buttcoin jokes take pro-crypto logic and push it to a cynical extreme. To hide the habits of crypto promoters of posting negative news, Buttcoin users commented that “this is a good thing for bitcoin” given the cryptocurrency disaster stories. (Bitcoin banned in a big country? Is it good for bitcoin. Bitcoin price goes down? Good for bitcoin. Someone lost their savings in a bitcoin scam? You guessed it…good for bitcoin.)

other currency Mail Most notably, the report was written about four months ago, titled “My friend’s ass’ whole job is encryption and I can’t wait for this nonsense to end”:

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