Does this 16-year-old make more money than you? Hamilton County Reporter

Does this 16-year-old make more money than you?  Hamilton County Reporter

By Brianna Gamble
Student at Sheridan High School

The Student Sheridan column is brought to readers by the 10th grade English class at Sheridan High School, taught by Abby Williams.

Braden Weaver, a sophomore at Sheridan High School, makes $4,000 to $5,000 a month in sales. How might you ask? He takes the refurbished shoes and sells them for more than he paid for.

From a young age, Braden has always loved shoes. In middle school, while researching the Flight Club and Stadium Goods, he realized he could start his own business one day and make money selling shoes.

In late November of 2021, Braden sold nearly all of his personal shoes, keeping one pair—a pair of Uggs his grandmother bought for Christmas. He used Snapchat, Instagram, and Offer Up to sell these shoes, and he still uses them to this day. Braden sold most of the shoes to people locally but had few to ship. After essentially selling his entire set, he bought a pair of Black Cat Jordan 4s for $200, which now sell for $1,000. He sold them for $560, and had officially started his own business.

What is the life of a shoe salesman like? Braden goes to school every day from 8:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. During these hours, he balances his schoolwork and his work at once. He is constantly looking for more shoes to buy and talks to people online about buying the shoes he sells. Once Braden returns home, he spreads his boots and reposts them. He has to walk to the post office to sell his shoes or find trips to meet somewhere because he can’t drive yet. Braden doesn’t have his own transportation, so he asks friends and family to take him to places to meet people.

How does Braden decide what’s a good shoe to buy and what’s not? Well, it focuses on one major aspect: whether the shoe was popular. If so, it will definitely be sold. Then he looks at whether it is clean, whether he can clean it, and whether he can make use of it. He says that making a profit is one of the most important things, because no profit means no pay. He also decided to basically buy and sell Jordan and Yeezys.

Braden actually faces some challenges in this business. While meeting random strangers to sell his shoes, he never knows who he will meet. Fraud is a common occurrence when selling online. Braden was cheated once and lost $400 of it. He dropped it, but he recovered and started buying and selling again.

Braden said the only advice he could give to others wanting to start their own shoe business is to stay focused and buy for your company. Maintaining focus is very difficult, especially at such a young age, but you have to for the sake of your business. He says buying for your company is the main part of being a shoe seller. Seeing a lot of shoes you want and buying them is the worst thing you can do. If you know they won’t sell and are unpopular, don’t buy them. It’s basically a waste of money.

Braden’s favorite part of being a shoe salesman is seeing so many pairs of shoes he never expected to see in real life on his hands. He always makes sure to try it at least once before selling it.

Braden has a great idea of ​​his future and wants to become very famous. He wants to have his own website and retail store, and of course get rich. Hopefully while running his own store and website, he’ll have a pair of Travis Scott Friends and Family Jordan 4’s on his feet.

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