Bad Bunny in San Diego: Concerts That Benefit Business

Bad Bunny in San Diego: Concerts That Benefit Business

SAN DIEGO — Back-to-back Bad Bunny parties gave some local businesses a boost in sales this weekend.

The sold-out concert was mirrored in bars and restaurants as the owners and managers said they saw more people before and after the show.

“You get the pre-match rush, you get the post-match rush, and we’re here for everything,” said Ryan De, Director at Blind Burro.

He’s been busy in the downtown area over the weekend with a Latin Trap and Reggaeton artist in town.

“Perfectly pumping sales, good energy. “It was a big crowd,” said Zhu.

Both shows are sold out on Saturdays and Sundays at Petco Park. Bad Bunny is making history as the first artist to have two back-to-back shows at the Downtown Stadium.

The Puerto Rican star attracts people from all over the country. For Nahomy Delatorre, who drove from Upland in San Bernardino County, it was her and her brother Bad Bunny’s first prom.

“It’s like hitting now,” said Delatori, “I was driving, and I was like it hadn’t hit yet, and then we came, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, we’re going to see the bad bunny.'”

People came ready to spend their money and add to San Diego’s economy.

“It was great for us,” said Paul Garduño, owner of Casa Octavio Tequila and Mezcal Bar. “There are a lot of people out and about. They obviously want tequila mezcal and tacos.

Garduño Casa Octavio opened in May. The restaurant and bar, located near Petco Park, was a driver of business.

“The stadium seems to have been very proactive to attract a lot of people and concerts and a minority of different types of people, and that helps a lot here. Being able to deliver something, I think is a comfort of the stadium.”

Other people have found ways to save money after several tickets cost them hundreds of dollars.

It was a weekend filled with bright, vibrant colors and tons of excitement.

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