Christiansburg’s business says VAT’s kick-off time connects game day sales

Christiansburg’s business says VAT’s kick-off time connects game day sales

Christiansburg, Virginia (WDBJ) – Every day of the Virginia Tech Football game delivers significant increases in foot traffic and order take-up, but for business owners, tee time is something to watch.

“On our calendar we have the day games time, when the evening games are, and we make sure we work accordingly,” said owner of Sandro’s Pizzeria and Italian restaurant Alessandro Pugliese.

He says game days provide a boost, especially daily games, like the September 17 game.

“After that game, everybody went out to lunch, and that really helps the community with restaurants and shopping and all that good stuff,” he said. “Thursday, I think we have an evening game, so we might have a great lunch and then the evening will be a little slower.”

For Christiansburg, the increase in foot traffic is a welcome sight.

“Virginia Tech football games are a big draw,” said Andrew Warren, assistant city manager. “Christiansburg benefits and will continue to benefit the people who stay in hotels here at Airbnb and who go out to restaurants before and after the game.”

This year, as fans look for places to spend money during their football weekends, they have quite a few options in Christiansburg.

“Since January, we’ve seen 56 new projects open and I think that’s a good thing,” said Mike Barber, Mayor of Christiansburg. “People are willing to venture out now.”

He says this is a positive sign coming out of the pandemic.

“We are busy,” he said. “Football weekends are a great force. I never want to change him. I wish they were here forever.”

September 22 marks the Hokies’ third game in a row, which means companies are gearing up for a long, busy weekend.

“It’s a big boom and it’s been a good three-week period for us, and this Thursday night is definitely going to be an exciting time for the New River Valley,” Warren said.

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