Evans Memorial is holding a fundraiser for the hospital

Evans Memorial is holding a fundraiser for the hospital

CLACSTON, GA (WTOC) – A rural hospital in our area just finished a fundraiser, and ran a car lottery as a way to bring in income.

As rural hospitals across the country struggle, the people at Evans Memorial believe they may have found a “way” to raise funds and awareness.

Nancy Stevens bought the winning ticket and drove up from Savannah to pick up her new Chevy Blazer. The hospital teamed up with nearby Chevrolet Kyle Dornes as a way to raise money but also to give fans a chance to win.

“We didn’t expect to win. I told Mike that even if we didn’t win, we did something good for the community,” Stephens said.

“One of the things we do is look at ways we can support and support what we do so that we can stay here for the long term,” said Bill Lee, CEO of Evans Memorial.

Supporters bought more than 600 tickets for the drawing. The funds help the hospital continue to provide health care even as they struggle with rising costs and uninsured or underinsured patients.

Lee says they will probably consider doing it again next year if at all possible.

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