ItsSliker admits to scamming banners to get gambling money

One Twitch pioneer mentioned that he was tricking his followers into paying off his gambling-related debts.

Several people in the streaming community, both content creators and viewers, have come forward to accuse ItsSliker of scamming them out of thousands of dollars. Even big names like Felix “xQc” Lengyell and Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam have publicly admitted to receiving messages from ItsSliker asking for money with empty promises to pay it off. Some of the content creators have mentioned that they haven’t received money for years.

Twitch Streamer mikelpee said ItsSliker once begged him and others to send money to his bank account because it was allegedly “locked”. The other streamers joined after the mikelpee clip went viral. In his private broadcast, YouTuber lukeafk said he lost $27,000, indicating he thought he could “trust him”. But Lukevik is still waiting for his money back.

ItsSliker responds to allegations that it was stolen from other channels

As the accusations against ItsSliker escalate, the streaming device has come forward on all unpaid money and loan requests from friends.

On September 18, he went to the stream to discuss the situation. He immediately began to cry apologizing to his viewers and fellow television broadcasters for what he had done, promising to finally get rid of him.

According to ItsSliker, he became addicted to gambling, the reason behind asking for money. He said his addiction began with the skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But soon ItsSliker was gambling with his actual money, almost using ‘everything [his] Money pickpocket.”

ItsSliker will tell viewers on his channels that he is “used” to gambling, knowing that he continues to gamble secretly. ItsSliker said he would “run across streaming devices” and ask to borrow money without giving them a real reason, embarrassing because it was for gambling.

Despite lying admittedly to get money from unknown victims, ItsSliker said he “never intended” to deceive people. He told his viewers that he plans to return their money to the people. ItsSliker allegedly owes the Trainwreck wreck $100,000. Over time, the two diverged over financial issues between them.

“This is what gambling has done to me… S-is dangerous. This is the example of a gambling addict

ItsSliker said he will get help solving the gambling problem. Gambling has become a hot issue among Twitch viewers and viewers. Other streaming players have also admitted to becoming addicted to gambling, including xQc. Live gambling has left a bad taste in many people’s mouths, as young influential fans may be inspired to start gambling also on sites sponsored by streamers.

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