Metaplex assigned to Airdrop MPLX Tokens to Solana NFT Creators

Metaplex assigned to Airdrop MPLX Tokens to Solana NFT Creators


  • Metaplex, creator of the Solana NFT protocol of the same name, will release the MPLX token today and perform an airdrop for NFT creators.
  • The token will allow users to control the platform, but airdrops are not available to creators based in the US

Solana NFTs have started to rise again recently thanks to tumultuous projects like y00 s And the ABCand now Network Builder NFT The protocol is amazing while the iron is hot: Metaplex announces plans to launch token and decentralize its management via DAO.

Metaplex’s MPLX token was announced over the weekend and will be dropped today, and NFT creators who used the Solana protocol are eligible to receive an as-yet-undisclosed allocation of tokens. However, there is one big caveat: US residents are not eligible for airdrops, presumably due to regulatory concerns.

Metaplex plans to open its own claims site later today, allowing eligible wallets to receive the MPLX token. The tool’s token will be used to launch a DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization – an online community in which membership is represented via tokens. MPLX token holders will be able to vote on governance proposals related to the NFT protocol.

“MPLX holders will guide the direction of the protocol through Metaplex DAO, while delivering on the promise of a decentralized, community-owned creator platform,” Metaplex said. chirp.

According to Metaplex, the protocol has been used to mint 20 million Solana NFTs to date, resulting in more than $3.5 billion in sales between primary and secondary sales. Finally, Metaplex says that more than 2.4 million creators and aggregators have interacted with NFTs, although it’s not clear how many eligible creators are in the mix.

Metaplex Snapshot of Eligible Creators On August 24according to the tweet’s response, which means that only users who have created NFTs via Metaplex by the time of the snapshot will be eligible.

In addition, Metaplex wrote that the creators of the projects considered “rug pulls”– That is, creators who took money from users and then disappeared and/or did not keep their promises – they will be disqualified from airdrops. The company said it has hired digital asset compliance firm TRM Labs to help it remove such projects from token airdrops.

“There’s nowhere to pull the rug out at Metaplex DAO,” Tweet Metaplex.

However, the term “rug pull” can mean different things to different collectors, and the criteria for excluding airdrops are currently unclear. Decrypt A Metaplex representative asked for additional details, but did not immediately receive a response.

Metaplex Foundation Raised $46 Million In a round co-led by Multicoin Capital and Jump Capital in January, with Animoca Brands, Solana Ventures and Alameda Research on board as well. More than 90 individual investors also participated, including basketball legend Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson.

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