New Critical Reasons to Buy Bitcoin Named by Legendary ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Author

New Critical Reasons to Buy Bitcoin Named by Legendary ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Author

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Yuri Molchan

Vocal Bitcoin supporter Kiyosaki believes it is time to grab BTC now, and here are the reasons why.


A prominent investor and author of books on financial literacy, such as “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki, took to Twitter to name some of the reasons why buying the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, among other assets.

“The US Dollar Is Dying,” Bitcoin, Silver, and Gold Related

Kiyosaki wrote on Twitter that a series of US government actions led to the death of the US dollar, including the US borrowing a lot of money, rising inflation and rising interest rates as a result.

He believes that in the future, the price of bitcoin, gold and silver will rise significantly. For the past two years, entrepreneur and financial guru Kiyosaki has been talking about these three assets as the main ones.

On Saturday, Kiyosaki shared the same idea, noting that Bitcoin is now as relevant as ever, with real inflation rising by 16%, instead of the advertised 7%.


In that tweet, he also said that the US debt is rising dramatically and that the recent hike in interest rates by the Federal Reserve will destroy the US economy.

Kiyosaki praises the programmed stability of BTC

One of the reasons Kiyosaki got into Bitcoin in the first place, he told VC and Bitcoiner investor Anthony Pompliano in an interview two years ago, is the computer-programmed certainty of BTC.

He stated that the Bitcoin halving, which occurs every four years, cuts the rewards for miners for solving computer problems to two years. Besides, Bitcoin has a fixed supply of 21 million coins, and it cannot be changed unless more than half of the miners agree to it, but they never will, Pomp believes.

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