Next lows: September 19-25

Next lows: September 19-25

Let’s face it: the NFT space moves very fast. Given the speed at which things can change in the metaverse, a week in NFTs could also be a month IRL.

Don’t get us wrong – the more people in the space, the better. But due to the constant flow of great art and ideas, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with all the news, releases, and public events.

Well you can put your endless days of Twitter and Discord scrolling behind you, as we’ve put together a weekly list of upcoming NFT projections you definitely don’t want to miss. Here’s what to look for this week.


Various editions of the phygital book and a preview of its contents. Source: CRYPTO ART – Begins

From: Hackatao, Kevin Abosch, Robness, Sofia Crespo, Trevor Jones and more

what or what: Open version phygital NFT

When: September 19 @6:30pm ET

where: elegant gate

Why: To celebrate the launch of Crypto Art Begins – the first phygital book edition, 50 OG groups of crypto art have gathered in the NFT space to contribute pieces to this open edition. With each drop, collectors will receive a special physical copy of the Crypto Art Begins book with a hardcover design made by one of 50 distinguished artists. Aside from that, collectors will also receive a random NFT of one from one of 50 artists, which can be used as entry into exclusive specials, events and initiatives featuring the group’s artists, partners, and curators.

Reverse the direction of the second

From: Patrick Hughes

what or what: Three multi-edition pieces

When: September 20 @6:30pm ET

where: makers

Why: Celebrity artist Patrick Hughes will release the second edition of his inverted collection called NFTs on MakersPlace later this week. For starters, Hughes’ “reverse” pieces are achieved through his “unique style of forced perspective using physical sculptural paintings.” When viewed directly, these panels look just like flat surfaces – but the slight angles quickly give the panel a stunning 3D look.

Stephen Wade x Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Source: Stephen Wade

From: Stephen Wade

what or what: Seven NFTs images

When: September 21 @6:30pm ET

where: makers

Why: Throughout his decades-long career photographing the rich and famous, his best work has come in his efforts to humanize his larger-than-life subjects. He appeared front and center on his last voyage into the former NFT space Baywatch Star Pamela Anderson – a true icon of the 90s and early 2000s. On this NFT set, Wayda made available for purchase exclusive photos of Anderson during her 96-hour audition with Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. We all know what happened next – the beginning of a short-lived marriage when these cultural icons were at their peak.

Bitcoin records: 2017

From: Javier Aris

what or what: Collection mechanics fuck

When: September 22 @6:30pm ET

where: makers

Why: Known for his stunning animated scenes, Aries has decided to put his visual storytelling skills to the test with his latest work, as part of the Not Fungible series that depicts every year of Bitcoin’s history so far in art. Hoping to capture the peak of Bitcoin’s rise in 2017, Arrés’ stunning landscape features nearly all of the key moments during this pivotal year in crypto history. At least, representations of those moments. Can you identify them all?

omgkirby x tres channel

One of the NFTs from this upcoming drop. Source: omgkirby

From: omgkirby x tres channel

what or what: 5,550 NFTs with songs tied to them

When: September 22 @ 9:00 PM ET (public version)

where: open sea

Why: Did you think Lil B was crazy when he dropped nearly 900 songs in 2012? OMGKIRBY and Channel Tres both beat that number, to put it easy. But the best part about this is that the drop is far from flexing. With this project, the pair hope to create value for owners by licensing each of these 5,550 songs to use in anything they imagine – Podcast intros, YouTube music video beds, or even whole redistributions. Sky is the limit. You won’t get a song just by purchasing an NFT from this set either. Each song will be compiled with an animated hand-drawn NFT depicting Channel Tres chillin’ in different settings.

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