Top NFT platform like SolChicks and Solana – CryptoMode

Top NFT platform like SolChicks and Solana – CryptoMode

Big Eyes Crypto Project is a meme token that aims to prove its worth as the next leading crypto investment. Dog-themed crypto projects have won the hearts of many crypto enthusiasts.

Therefore, it is only natural that a cat-shaped token like Big Eyes will melt the heart of enthusiasts, mainly due to its attractiveness.

The Big Eyes community will be the lifeblood of the project because the higher the number, the bigger the ecosystem. The Big Eyes team will reward this loyal support with big tokens.

Besides, the team intends to help protect and conserve all kinds of marine life, including fish. They will create a portfolio where environmentalists and other ocean enthusiasts can donate. The fund will be used to clean the sea and encourage biodiversity of ocean life.

Furthermore, Big Eyes Swap will offer decentralized financing services and provide NFTs to traders on the Big Eyes platform.

Big Eyes Coins (Big)

BIG is the original token that would power the Big Eyes ecosystem. It has a display of 200 billion tokens, of which 180 billion will be available to the community at launch.

big eyes vs. Solchicks

Solchicks play-to-win was co-founded and released in September 2021 by William Wu and Louis Grafton. The multiplayer role-playing game operates on Solana Network. In fact, it is the number one game in Solana.

The project team aims to unite players around the world by giving them an immersive experience while rewarding them in the process.

The story of the game includes brave battle chickens living on the planet Chicco. Chickens have unique personalities and powers from birth that they can harness through gladiator-style tournaments.

Fighting in battles causes them to gain more power, experience and high respect in their community. Then, SolFox, a fox-like creature, attacked and destroyed the planet. Thus, it is up to the players to continue the game and help these Solchicks embark on a quest for victory.

Solchicks has 10,000 NFTs with unique features that players can earn by playing by completing different challenges. In addition, players can challenge each other for first place on the leaderboard and get NFTs as rewards.

Solchick Token (CHICKS)

CHICKS acts as a governance symbol for users who participate in policy and decision making regarding the future of the project.

big eyes vs. Solana

The Solana blockchain is often called an “Ethereum Killer” because it addresses the scalability issues of Ethereum. The network uses Proof of History and Proof of Stake algorithms to deliver fast transactions with low fees. Once again, the Solana network has smart contract capabilities and can host Dapps and NFTs.

SOL is the original cipher origin of the Solana Network. It is a peer-to-peer payment method. Similarly, users can trade SOL on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Several NFT Markets are available on Solana. Creators can issue NFTs within a short period with fees as low as $0.01. As a result, the average cost of Solana NFTs in the top markets is

$181 compared to $535 for Ethereum.

Solsea is the largest NFT market on the Solana blockchain. This NFT marketplace allows creators to have full control over their property rights even though they must create an account on the platform.

Similarly, NFT traders must also create a Solsea-compliant Solana wallet. Besides using cryptocurrencies, buyers can use FTX or MoonPay to purchase NFT fiat currencies.

How to buy a Big Eyes code

  1. Install a browser extension for a crypto wallet or a wallet app that supports Wallet Connect.
  2. Visit Big Eyes pre-sale platform
  3. Next, click on “Connect Wallet” and choose the appropriate option. For users with mobile wallet apps, you will need to select “Wallet Connect”.
  4. Finally, buy $BIG with ETH, BNB or USDT.

After the presale ends, you can claim your BIG tokens.

The Big Eyes project is gaining great popularity. Interested investors can be a part of Big Eyes by subscribing to the ongoing token pre-sale and get a chance to become part of its robust ecosystem.

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