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September 19, 2022

Top view of people in a large lobby

University of Wyoming School of Business students meet with business recruiters in the Juna Bank lobby during the College of Business’ latest career fair on September 8 (UW Photo)

This year, the University of Wyoming School of Business embarked on a mission to develop a more inclusive and equitable career fair for business students.

In addition to lowering registration barriers, the college provided UW-branded T-shirts to students who showed up with the expectation that they would wear jeans to the event in lieu of suits and ties.

The career fair, which took place on September 8, was the largest in UW School of Business history in terms of student and employer participation. The event saw a 100 percent increase in student attendance over the previous year, with more than 300 students participating in the fair.

Scott Boullier, dean of the University of Washington School of Business, says he was impressed with the event.

“My first career fair as Dean of the College of Business amazed me,” he says. “As I walked around the fair and visited our students and employers, I heard a resounding theme that our ability to lower barriers to participation in this event allowed everyone to feel more comfortable participating.”

On the employer side, 85 companies — from Texas to Minnesota — participated in the event. The number represents a 121 percent increase over 2021. In total, 37 Wyoming employers attended along with many other businesses with a strong presence within the state and region.

Says Taylor True, director of the Peter M. and Paula Green Johnson Student Success Center. “It becomes possible to hold transformative events like this because of our employees and their hard work.”

The scale of the event required innovative use of the entire east wing of the Business School building for the first time. The students began their journey on the top floor of the building; They made their way through the corridors of the various departments to converse with various employers; I walked out of the lobby of Jonah Bank.

Our responsibility as a business school is to ensure that we are connected with our industry partners. Seeing more than 85 of these partners in our building recruiting our best and brightest indicates that we are fulfilling the mission, says Steve Russell, associate dean of the UW School of Business. “These partners here have not only provided employment and training opportunities for our students, but they are also engaged with us throughout the year, ensuring that we are not only a Wyoming business school, but a graduate school in our neighborhood.”

In addition to the 85 employers of the show, the college maintains close partnerships with employers with more than 200 organizations that continue to drive a strong employment rate for business students at the University of Washington upon graduation.

Institutions wishing to partner with the UW College of Business can go to the College’s Employer Partner website or email Russell at

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