Help raise funds for a veteran’s reintegration program – Greeley Tribune

Help raise funds for a veteran’s reintegration program – Greeley Tribune

The Liberty Firearms Institute is offering a fundraising opportunity to support a veteran reintegration program that’s making a difference in mental and physical health one trip to Montana at a time.

Fundraisers are scheduled from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on October 8 at the Liberty Firearms Institute in Johnstown. All proceeds collected go towards direction Heroes and horsesa Montana-based program for veterans focused on providing alternative solutions outside of medication and psychotherapy to heal veterans of physical and mental scars.

Jennifer Romero, one of the event’s organizers, said the goal is to raise $10,000 for a program that proves to be producing beneficial results.

“The program works where other programs don’t,” Romero said of the organization founded by Micah Fink, who believes this new approach is essential to the veteran’s system.

Veterans can apply for a reintegration program where they will take part in a three-phase, 41-day journey through the wilderness while working on personal growth by rediscovering their inner goals, potential, and strengths.

Romero encourages people in the community to show their support for the cause by attending a Weld County fundraising event due to the high suicide rates among veterans.

Veterans have a 50% greater risk of suicide than those who have not served, according to Since 2001, more than 120,000 veterans have died by suicide – and that number will be 23 times higher by 2030.

“It’s to support veterans,” Romero said. Currently, the suicide rate for veterans is about three suicides per hour. His show (Fenk) helps and we’re just trying to get the word out.”

Fundraising tickets cost $150 for those who want to shoot at the range and enjoy lunch. People interested in just having lunch while supporting a great cause can purchase tickets for $25.

All attendees have the opportunity to listen to Fink, participate in a silent auction and have their names entered into a lottery, according to Romero. A matching scholarship is also available.

“We’re just trying to get people to attend the event at the band,” Romero said.

To purchase tickets for a fundraising event or donate to the program, go to

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