How many people will own and use bitcoin in 2022?

How many people will own and use bitcoin in 2022?

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Bitcoin is the world’s leading cryptocurrency, with millions of users and owners worldwide. But how many people actually own or use Bitcoin? That’s what we delve into in this guide. Read on to learn more about the latest Bitcoin usage statistics.

Bitcoin adoption has grown exponentially since its launch

Bitcoin was created as a peer-to-peer digital payment network, creating a cheaper and faster way for people to make cross-border payments. In addition, due to Bitcoin’s unique features, including a limited supply and an anti-inflationary monetary policy, it has also established itself as a store of value, an inflation hedge, and a popular investment asset.

In just over a decade, the market capitalization of Bitcoin has temporarily touched $1 trillion, which is roughly 1% of the total market capitalization of all publicly traded companies. No wonder publicly traded companies and financial institutions have started adding bitcoin to their balance sheets.

Bitcoin was primarily valued as an investment opportunity that could help diversify an investment portfolio as it has traditionally had limited correlation with assets such as stocks and bonds. He also called for significant hedging against central bank monetary policies and global economic uncertainty.

Against this background, Bitcoin has experienced exponential growth since its inception, and has retained its dominance as the world’s most traded cryptocurrency since day one.

How many people own Bitcoin in the US?

There is no definitive way to determine how many bitcoin users there are due to the borrowed nature of the bitcoin network.

As a result, we can only estimate the number of coin holders and users present based on several data points, including the number of wallets created, the number of active wallets, user numbers at leading Bitcoin companies, and third-party research that used the same methodologies to arrive at an estimate.

So, let’s take a look at what the numbers say about bitcoin users in the US.

Business Insider Intelligence, a research firm, Estimates There will be more than 25 million bitcoin owners by the end of 2022, an increase of 16.7% over last year.

On the other hand A questionnaire A survey conducted by the New York Digital Investment Group in 2021 found that approximately 22% of the US adult population, 46 million Americans, own bitcoin. Responses from 1,050 participants were received with an entry of over $50,000 and a margin error of 3.1%, which is considered statistically significant.

Although another Report From the US cryptocurrency exchange, Gemini in 2021 had a larger sample of 3,000 people but only an estimated 21.2 million people owned cryptocurrency. In the same report released in 2022, one in five people in the US says they own cryptocurrency, which means that 20% of the current US population of 332,403,650. That is, 6,648,730 people own cryptocurrency.

The report did not specify cryptocurrencies, but we can reasonably expect that at least 50% own bitcoin, which is over 33 million bitcoin owners. The research sample size for the Gemini Crypto 2022 report is 2,300 adults.

Judging by the data points we have collected, we can say that there is likely to be a presence in between

How many people in the world use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Data on the series It appears that there are now over a billion wallet addresses. But people can have more than one wallet address or keep their bitcoin on centralized custodian exchanges, making it difficult to estimate the actual number of people using bitcoin in the world.

Interestingly, global cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has more than 100 million approved users globally, many of whom own Bitcoin.

Crypto analytics company, Intotheblock, mentioned In May 2022, the number of addresses containing bitcoin exceeded 40 million.

How many people use bitcoin every day?

The Bitcoin network is currently being processed 250,000 transactions per day It has about 1,000,000 active addresses per day.

Bitcoin reached over 330,000 daily transactions in December 2020, and 400,000 in early January 2021.

How many people will use bitcoin in the future?’s Market Size Report indicates that the number of cryptocurrency owners globally will reach 1 billion by the end of 2022, with Bitcoin likely to be the leader in the group.

Although these predictions were made during bullish market sentiment, and may not happen in 2022, the cryptocurrency market is expected to continue to grow in the future.

It’s hard to envision a future with Bitcoin. While the digital currency has already successfully established itself as an investment asset for all kinds of investors, the increasing application of Bitcoin as a payment layer (mainly powered by the Lightning Network) could help the digital currency become a globally accepted and used currency, which can be seen to The number of bitcoin holders and users will cross one billion in the next decade.

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