Is Bitcoin Doomed to Failure? Eric Wall and Justin Bones Showdown – Episode. 398

Is Bitcoin Doomed to Failure?  Eric Wall and Justin Bones Showdown – Episode.  398

In a heated discussion, Eric Wall, blogger and crypto investor, and Justin Pons, founder and chief investment officer at Cyber ​​Capital, discuss the Bitcoin security model, whether there are fundamental flaws in its design, and what is the best consensus mechanism.

Show the highlights:

  • Why Justin Stopped Believing in Bitcoin and Why It’s “Technically Called One of the Worst Cryptocurrencies”
  • How Eric’s Views on Bitcoin Have Changed Over Time
  • The Problems They See With Bitcoin Security
  • Why Eric is attacking the maximum BTC, even when he is a Bitcoiner
  • How will the Bitcoin community change in the coming decades, and why the security issue is a solvable challenge
  • Whether BTC should increase its inflation and whether it will break the store of value supply
  • Why Justin thinks BTC is failing as money and won’t play a relevant role in the future
  • What happened around the time the blockize debate in 2015-2017
  • Whether there is something wrong with Bitcoin culture and why Eric compares it to a doomsday cult
  • Why does Ethereum have external dependencies that can pose risks to the system, according to Eric
  • Whether Proof of Stake or Proof of Work is a better matchmaking mechanism
  • Whether Ethereum is more resistant to censorship than Bitcoin
  • Why is BTC a speculative asset and what Justin thinks is essential for the cryptocurrency to finally thrive

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