LiveArt rewards BAB Token holders with LiveArt Meta-Morphic NFT Allowlists

LiveArt rewards BAB Token holders with LiveArt Meta-Morphic NFT Allowlists

Announcing LiveArt They added the Binance Account Bound (BAB) token to their ecosystem And that They reward BAB token holders with LiveArt Meta-morphic NFT rolls.

The Binance Account Bound (BAB) token is the first Soulbound token to be released on the BNB smart chain that focuses on addressing identity issues in the decentralized community.

This time LiveArt will introduce the BAB token utility through a multi-stage scheme. The BAB token will act as the main component of the User Verification (Verify Your Customer) flow.

In statement 1, LiveArt launches NFT membership on the BNB chain, which will be available only to holders of BAB tokens on the BNB chain, created by a world-renowned artist. BAB token holders will automatically receive a “Verified” status and badge via the LiveArt product ecosystem. LiveArt NFT membership enhances BAB token holders’ access to both LiveArt and network partner benefits.

Recently, LiveArt announced its collaboration with Huang Yuxing on the Genesis Meta-morphic group. The pre-sale for Meta-Morphic and Mystery Funds will start at 8AM ET, on September 23rd at 1.2 ETH each. BAB holders can verify their identity and participate in lottery To win the allow list here.

In statement 2, the benefit of LiveArt membership will continue to expand. BAB token holders will receive benefits from LiveArt and Network Partners, including: voting power in selecting topics for future LiveArtX Global 100 campaigns, whitelisting for participation in future NFT editions by globally recognized artists, and access to market analytics for NFTs and physical art, business Limited-edition art and collectibles, exclusive airdrop, Discord channel for collectors club and top-level virtual elite and IRL events.

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LiveArt is a premium platform that connects the art world with Web3. With unique technology engineered by art industry leaders, LiveArt brings creators, collaborators, and assemblers to the metaverse.

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