Arizona homeowners accuse the real estate agency of selling things and keeping the money

Arizona homeowners accuse the real estate agency of selling things and keeping the money

Phoenix (3TV / CBS 5) – Looking at family photos of Jane Burton and her sisters helps to remember how much their parents love each other.

“This was Disneyland in 2001,” Burton said, looking at one of the vacation photos. “They were just a unit. They were always together and always holding hands. They loved each other very much.” But their mother and father died within 82 days of each other and left their home in the valley for Jane and her sisters.

Over the 47 years of owning this home, you can imagine how much the couple has accumulated inside. “We started working and moving things. There were all kinds of files, and I think she kept every greeting card I ever got,” Burton said. Overwhelmed by the matter, Burton and her family decided to hire a real estate sales company to clear the house and sell all of their parents’ personal belongings. According to this contract, the company will keep a 35% commission on everything sold and the rest will go to Jane and her family.

When asked about the name of the company and who they spoke to, Burton said, “It was Tony Geiger, and she owned a company called Loving Hands Senior Transitions.” Jane’s family says that this friendly face sold all of their mother’s and father’s belongings and kept the money, which the family estimated at about $15,000. For months, they say Tony Geiger has been dodging them. “It was always in the back of our mind that we’d go further and if we couldn’t get in touch with Gary Harper.”

I found out on your side that Tony Geiger and her cuddly hands might not be very loving. We found several other victims who said that Tony Geiger had sold real estate to them and had not received the proceeds. And if they did, that was too little. “I have no idea where the money is,” said Ron Middlebrook. He now lives in Mexico, and before he sold his home in the Valley, he hired Tony Geiger to sell all of his possessions.

Middlebrook says he expected to make at least $13,000 after Tony Geiger’s commission. Instead, Ron says she credited him $2,800, and didn’t give him paperwork for anything that sells or doesn’t sell. Ron said, “I don’t think I was cheated, I was cheated. After all the cards were played, it was a scam.”

You went on your side looking for Tony Geiger and saw a house associated with her name. When someone opened the door, he discovered that a relative’s house claimed he was not talking to Geiger. The next stop was the drive to Prescott Valley where Tony Geiger’s name is associated with another house.

“Good luck! She (Tony Geiger) owes me 1,200 yen to the team On Your Side,” said a woman outside Prescott Valley’s home. The woman said Geiger was renting a room from her and exceeded the $1,200 rent. Seeing a pattern in Tony Geiger is said to be owed With people’s money, “On Your Side” kept going after it until I eventually sent an email to the team saying the following:

Burton and the other victims say they heard nothing from Geiger about the payment plan. Geiger is still “on the move” and is opening another business called, ironically, On The Move. The company reportedly specializes in transporting seniors. Burton and her family said they hope others there will not be fooled as they have. “How do you do that for a family that just lost their parents and is grieving?” Burton said. “It’s betrayal. We were betrayed and stabbed in the back, really.”

Each of the victims I spoke to filed a police statement against Geiger. If there is a follow-up, you will receive another report from your side.

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