Creepy Krypto: New Trailer & Screenshots From Jonas Odenheimer’s NFT Horror Movie

Creepy Krypto: New Trailer & Screenshots From Jonas Odenheimer’s NFT Horror Movie

Jonas Odenheimer NFT

Think twice before your next download.

Love them, hate them or simply don’t understand them, it’s no secret that NFTs, and the larger world of cryptocurrency, are big business. Some directors, like Kevin Smith, even released collectible films Irreplaceable icons– But the new trailer for NFT It stirs up an even more sinister vortex in a world of digital dread.

Writer/director Jonas Odenheimer (Classroom 6He released his first look at his cipher cooler NFTTownsend Carpenters Championship (designerAnd the Dementia: Part Two). British horror has been produced by Odenheimer’s Old Jim Productions board, and it’s not the first time the director has explored The world of Internet-based terrorism.

plot summary for NFT It reads as follows:

NFT It follows a group of crypto-savvy millennials trying to escape a 9-5 year old by flipping NFTs as a side hustle. After buying into the supposed “Damned” NFT group, they begin to experience mysterious events and will now have to fight for their lives.

next to Townsend, NFTThe cast includes David Wyman (the edge(Maria Nunemacher)Terminator: Dark Fate), Doraci Kyangango (imperial blue), Emily Edwards (The waving man), Nobuse Jnr (Chase(Jasmine Clark)witches farm dumplingsand Charlie RichMorris men).

From the trailer and still images below, NFT Sounds like a new spin on the idea of ​​terror spreading through technology. This time it’s not videos, phone calls, or chain emails to watch out for, but digital photos. Judging by how quickly it takes for something to show up on Twitter, we’re all doomed.

NFT A release date hasn’t been set yet, so in the meantime let’s take a look at some stills from the movie (if you dare!)

NFT PicksTownsend carpenters in NFTNFT PicksNFT PicksNFT PicksNFT Picks

Check out the trailer for NFT over here:

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