NFT Weekly Football Reignmakers Newsletter at DraftKings Market

NFT Weekly Football Reignmakers Newsletter at DraftKings Market

To quickly jump into the Reignmakers Football Contest Lobby, please visit DraftKings NFT Games Page.

Did you miss any content over the course of the week with your second week in the books? This newsletter will summarize key details of Reignmakers Football and the DraftKings Marketplace to help you catch up.

Tuesday 20th September Gary Vaynerchuk joins Chris Costa To celebrate the winners of the VeeFriends League Week 2 competitions and experience a live pack break. VeeFriends awards were given to the top 20 contestants of Week 2 and the Top 1000 moved on to the Week 4 main contest.

First – Eight: VeeFriends Series 1 Trading Card Box Sealed, 1 VeeFriends Series Trading Card

Ninth – Twenty: Two (2) VeeFriends Series 2 Trading Cards Boxes Sealed, One VeeFriends Series 1 Trading Card

Chris and GaryVee broke two VeeFriends chests for prizes and the top 20 winners were entered into a successful draft style break. With INTR1CATE winning the competitions with 188.06 fantasy points, they were given the first pick. Tua Tagovailoa carried the winners to the top of the leaderboard with a double set of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. Rashid Bateman and Nick Chupp helped maintain the lead, and DeAndre Swift + Cooper Kupp.

Lots of cool cards have been pulled, and they are highlighted by the GaryVee Signed Panther Life Sketch Card. Only 15 of these cards are in circulation with only 1000 chests available from VeeFriends, the card is extremely rare.

The latest promotion brings Web3 into the mix with PFP NFTs. For those new to the blockchain, profile pictures opened a huge NFT boom in 2021, and many in the space are pointing to Cryptopunks as the landmark project that created this category.

Logan Hitchcock does a great job explaining the history of the Punks and also diving deep into Bored Ape Yacht Club and Doodles. Check out the stories linked above and below.

Interested in the other contests for Week 3 Web3? Here every competition is presented kings:

DraftKings is teaming up with Shriners’ Pro-Am Championship to give four Reignmakers Football users a unique VIP experience!

The top three scorers of this rare contest You will win a place in the VIP experience, along with the only winner of this Legendary competition. Find the full details by clicking on the link above.

With so many prizes available in DraftKings NFT Gaming LobbyRed Fowler wrote all the big winnings! The biggest competition in Reignmakers Football was the $250,000 Elite Fiat Frenzy, which awarded $100,000 for first place. Reid also split lineups for all six featured star players as well as the VeeFriends and Aoki’s All-Star Leagues. Check out a brief excerpt below and the article linked above.

Reignmakers Breakdown Core Contest

How does Reignmakers Football Quiz and Rarity Levels work?

How Reignmakers Football Scoring works

Reignmakers Football 101: Anecdotes, Situations & Superstars

With the second week in the books, the team finished at lucky trader Check out the full list for Week 3 of Reignmakers Football.

If you missed any news over the weekend or wanted to know how injuries affected the market, check out this great article from Jonathan Bales. It takes a look at market inefficiencies and injuries to Trey Lance, Michael Bateman, Michael Gallup and James Conner. Bales also provided some thoughts on the situation of Mike Evans. Check it out below.

The team will continue to drop strategy content throughout the week to help you navigate all things Reignmakers Football.

As the Star Player featured show continues, Nick Friar breaks down each of the six new players so far in the season and links to all competitions in each rare category.

You can win the following player cards as prizes:

TNF: Dandrey Swift

Sunday Classic: Sacon Barkley, Matthew Stafford and DK Metcalfe

SNF: Ezekiel Elliot

Multinational force: Trek Hill

As mentioned above in Chris Costa/GaryVee Watch Party, VeeFriends League is a poppin game. You’ll want to make sure you visit this page again when you set your listings for the third week. In addition, to gain access to the Week 4 Grand Contest, this week’s Top 1000 prizes are awarded. Check them out below.

3rd week prizes

  • I – Fifth: Monday Night Football Watch Experience with Gary
  • Sixth place: 2022 Prize LEGENDARY PLUS Package
  • From seventh to eleventh place: 2022 ELITE PLUS Pack Award
  • From the twelfth to the thirty-sixth: 2022 Prize Pack RARE PLUS Pack
  • thirty-seventh to one thousand: 2022 Prize CORE PLUS package

With this active community, Sparky 3,689 interviewed seven enthusiastic members about their groups and talked about game theory. We also learned about their favorite player card and some concerns as they navigate the competitions weekly. Check out the full list below.

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