SSFF and ASIA explain why NFTs are the future of filmmaking

SSFF and ASIA explain why NFTs are the future of filmmaking

Will the films be financed by audiences and fans of filmmakers around the world? SSFF and ASIA believe in that, and that’s why.

Short Film Festival Asia It constantly supports up-and-coming filmmakers around the world. With the changing climate in the age of cryptocurrency, the SSFF and ASIA want to analyze how this shift in finance can benefit those looking to break into the industry.

SSFF and ASIA cooperated with Visual Sounds Company. To launch its latest project, the NFT Global Cinema Market, to educate filmmakers about dark secrets and the prospects for cryptocurrency. The changing landscape is something that all filmmakers and movie lovers should be aware of because it will likely be the future of filmmaking.

In the webinar, “NFT and Cinema,” Festival President Tetsuya Bessho joined forces with Taichi (Director of EDLEAD) and Takahito Kagami (CEO of CoinPost Co., Ltd.) to talk about new filmmaking methods in the era of Web 3.0.

You can watch the entire discussion about blockchain and NFT in recent filmmaking below, and we’ll highlight our takeaways.

New era, new ways for filmmakers

The Internet has made it easier for everyone to consume media and content. Every day, more and more content is uploaded to Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, while filmmakers start to get frustrated with film production that takes time and seems to never end.

Kagami spoke about the current state of film production, saying, “When something is difficult to make, we usually expect better results because of the time and money we spend. By connecting creators and their fans, this will facilitate the production process and shed light on [on] Many creative people.

Taichi said, “Until now, there has been no verbal explanation of the film-making process, and Japan tends not to speak clearly. However, when this generation changes and uses NFT, it is possible to improve production.”

The industry is undergoing a major transformation as cryptocurrency and online media are becoming more and more dominant in our world. The film industry has always struggled to keep up with the times, and director Taichi believes it is time to make the industry more flexible for up-and-coming filmmakers.

It is a question of how to adapt and change [the industry] into the 21st century, and how NFTs go into everything,” Bessho said during the film festival. One way to make production easier for filmmakers is to crowdfund or sell NFTs.

SSFF & amp.  Asia talks about the future of filmmaking and NFTs

Tetsuta Bessho at SSFF and ASIA Closing Webinar NFT x Cinemaattributed to him: Courtesy of SSFF and ASIA

Crowdfunding vs. NFTs

Until recently, films had to be traded as copyrighted works or financed entirely out of the pockets of filmmakers. But crowdfunding and NFTs give the artist the ability to have his films funded by his audience and supporters.

It is important to understand the differences between crowdfunding and NFTs when determining revenue sources for your production.

According to Kagami, “Crowdfunding is a contract between individuals and films. Make it a contract of buying and selling.”

Crowdfunding is a typical way for an independent filmmaker to fund a film, but it is usually limited to the local community. Unlike crowdfunding, NFTs can be sold globally, allowing filmmakers to connect and engage with a wider audience. NFTs belong to a semi-anonymous community of supporters.

“Individuals can share problems and issues while making films together,” Kagami said. “The management side can make operational changes that give and receive benefits directly and continuously.”

About selling NFTs to fund a project, Kagami said, “When involved in an animation production, even if the audience rating for the first series isn’t good, knowing that there are fans will allow them to continue making seasons.”

attributed to him: Courtesy of SSFF and ASIA

How do NFTs change the production process?

Funding is a huge problem when it comes to filmmaking. It is one of the most difficult pre-production processes. Investors will be reluctant to give a lot of money to a project if they don’t think they will get their money back. But NFTs can help take some of the stress out of finding funding that many independent filmmakers are familiar with.

“With NFT, it is possible to know who participated from the very beginning, so when there is a big box office profit, it is possible to create a big return for early investors,” Kagami said.

There is a large market for those interested in NFTs who are looking to help filmmakers without the obligation to invest a large amount of money.

“Movies are man-made. Using NFT technology and techniques, every artist can be valued.” “For example, the cycle of film directors having to find sponsors to fund their films will collapse.”

Since NFTs can be sold to anyone around the world, the investor market is ultimately larger. Kagami explained, “Central leaders are absolutely essential to film production, but creators want to try more things and look for people who have the same ideas. I think it will be important to create an environment in which we can communicate.”

The future of filmmaking involves audience participation in creating the work they want to see. Studio executives will not have the same amount of power over what is or isn’t created because the funding comes from the public.

The four characteristics of NFTs

When considering setting up an NFT to fund your project, Kagami said there are four characteristics to consider. These four characteristics are:

  • Uniqueness – The NFT must be distinct from other numeric data.
  • Tradability – Ownership becomes apparent and global trade becomes possible.
  • Interoperability – Enable the use of content across various services.
  • Programmability – Set automatic rules for creating a smart contract.

Investors in film production and the community interested in supporting the film industry have great value in the future of the industry. Kagami believes that unprecedented innovations for community management are based on NFT’s proprietary Innovator Rules.

At the end of the painting, Taichi said, “There is a chance for every artist to be famous.”

Bessho added, “You can be the player you watch” by purchasing the artist’s NFT.

You can check rhetorical star To learn more about creating NFTs to fund your future projects. This is a new adventure that everyone is learning to navigate together, but don’t be afraid to take the risk and start the conversation in your own movie making community.

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