Asia’s Largest Web3 Event TOKEN2049 Exclusively Reveals Over $100M NFT Assets

Asia’s Largest Web3 Event TOKEN2049 Exclusively Reveals Over 0M NFT Assets

Singapore – (work wire) –2049 . tokenThe 1st Crypto Conference in Asia has announced that it will showcase a first-of-its-kind immersive experience from NFT titled OP3N WHALE NFT Gallery, In its next edition in Singapore from 28 to 29 September. The exhibition will present NFT assets with a market value of more than $100 million – First time Such a collection owned by a single entity has ever been shown to the public.

The show was developed by OP3Nwhich is the launch platform for IP and Communities in Web3, and whaleis a versatile membership club with a treasury that houses the world’s largest collection of rare, high-value NFTs covering gaming, arts, and virtual real estate.

Raphael Strauch, founder of TOKEN2049 said: “Today’s Web3 ecosystem reflects the exciting creativity and innovation that countless industries are bringing through their growing interest in NFTs – and a lot of this is happening in Asia. We have an exciting program to attend – and this exhibition is just one part.”

Showcasing creatives, brands and curators from the region who embody the global dynamism of East meets WestThe exhibition will make its debut exclusively at the largest Web3 event in Asia and the largest TOKEN2049 conference ever in its history. An estimated 7,000 visitors are expected to attend.

The exhibition includes artworks by a famous digital artist buck, famous for spearheading Sotheby’s first ever NFT sale; Leading glitch artist XCOPY; Milanese artist duo Hakatao; and award-winning Asian-American photographer Michael Yamashita.

TOKEN2049 Singapore will also feature a rotating display of generative masterpieces from the permanent collection of New York City Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) artist Brendan Dawes and Instagram photography sensation Ryosuke Kosugi. These works will be displayed in the individual WHALE booth at the conference.

WhaleShark, renowned NFT collector and founder of WHALE, said: “Non-patent technology has sparked a global digital renaissance of art and culture, and being able to partner with TOKEN2049 and OP3N to showcase some of the first and most recognized pioneers in the sector is truly an honor. The exhibition highlights this inevitable artistic revolution with Focus on a time-tested creative industry rather than flavor of the month.”

In addition, attendees will be able to see OP3N’s latest NFT drop “A3”, developed by YOON and VERBAL who are behind the iconic Tokyo-based fashion brand AMBUSH®. The iconic phygital “A3” NFT will be uniquely presented in a gallery floor glass display case.

“Art, culture and technology intersect in exciting and entirely new ways, with many industry firsts emerging around the world,” said Jason Ma, Co-CEO and founder of OP3N, the world’s preeminent brand of contemporary NFT experience. “From digital creators and traditional artists to fashion brands like AMBUSH who have been expanding their presence in the NFT space, we are bringing together an incredible pool of talent to celebrate and honor their work.”

Jason will also be speaking in a panel discussion on “The future of intellectual property and communities in Web3” On September 29th at 2:45pm with VERBAL who will talk more about A3 in detail.

Singapore’s TOKEN2049 agenda will include a series of discussions addressing the latest developments in the Web3 ecosystem – from the global macro narrative of cryptocurrencies, the rise of Web3 games, the emerging social and creative economy, the future of artificial intelligence and generative art, and the present. and future Web3 infrastructure, and much more.

as part of Crypto Week in AsiaTOKEN2049 attendees can expect to attend a full range of side events, conferences, networking events, workshops and parties throughout the week.

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About TOKEN2049

TOKEN2049 is the premiere Web3 event, held annually in Singapore and London, where decision makers in the global crypto ecosystem connect to exchange ideas, network and shape the industry. TOKEN2049 is a global meeting place for entrepreneurs, institutions, industry insiders, investors and those with a strong interest in the crypto and blockchain industry.

About OP3N

Founded in 2021 as a subsidiary of EST Media Holdings, OP3N envisions a world where communities can come together to create, own and present their ideas to the world. OP3N’s mission is to be a launchpad for ideas and communities to create meaningful experiences together. By integrating the tools to mint, share, and manipulate digital NFTs and tokens in one vertical package, OP3N leverages its cross-industry expertise from entertainment systems, games and environmental technology, to lay the foundations for a new era of community-driven, inclusive entertainment while bringing everyone together on a journey to Web3. For more information, please visit the website:

about whale

WHALE is the all-encompassing membership club for digital native membership, focused on immersing WHALE members in the renaissance of digital art and culture. Powered by the club’s original social token, $WHALE, and club treasury, the WHALE Vault, WHALE provides physical and mineral content, information, and experiences for a new generation of digital enthusiasts. Founded in 2020 by the pseudonym WhaleShark, WHALE has over 25,000 members worldwide, all focused on long-term discussion and immersion in Web 3 and the revolution of true digital asset scarcity, ownership, and management.


AMBUSH® started as an experimental jewelry line – innovative pop art-inspired designs that capture Tokyo’s signature aesthetic. With clothing created as a canvas to complete the story, AMBUSH® has evolved into designing unisex collections. The brand debuted in Paris in 2015 with YOON & VERBAL being included in the Business of Fashion’s 500 Most Influential People in the Global Fashion Industry for 5 consecutive years from 2015, and the HYPEBEAST 100 list for 8 consecutive years. In 2017, AMBUSH® was named one of the 8 best finalists for the LVMH Award. In 2018, AMBUSH® appeared at Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo. In the same year, Kim Jones appointed YOON as jewelry designer for Dior Men. In 2022, AMBUSH® presented the brand’s first runway at Milan Fashion Week and launched its proprietary metaverse SILVER FCTRY. POW group sold out! ® its first NFT in minutes, making it among the top 10 projects in Opensea, and the second most NFT from Japan at the time of its appearance.

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