BTC/BAA Fellowships for Juniors/Seniors in Black College and Fresh Graduates, Apply Now!

BTC/BAA Fellowships for Juniors/Seniors in Black College and Fresh Graduates, Apply Now!

If you are a junior/senior undergraduate student or recent graduate, you currently have the opportunity to apply for the Black Theater Coalition (BTC) / Broadway Across America (BAA) Fellowships. The fellowship application can be found at And it must be no later than September 30, 2022 for the spring semester. When we think of fellowships that have something to do with the arts, we think of acting, producing, and directing, but did you know that there’s a whole other world going on behind the scenes in productions? This is a space that has never been carved out for blacks. But thanks to this amazing collaboration between BTC and BAA, space at the table has finally been created. The fellowship is now in its second year. It is very exciting to be offered fellowships for black students that feature interaction with blacks who are working behind the scenes in the theater field at the moment.

at recent days AmNews I spoke with Bree Turner, director of the BTC/BAA Fellowship Program.

AmNews: This is the second year of the BTC/BAA fellowship, where did the idea for this program come from?

BT: The idea for this program was born out of a collaboration between the Black Theater Coalition and John Gore/Broadway Across America in the wake of the tragic loss of George Floyd. The program’s mission is to address and combat the underrepresentation of race on Broadway both on and off the stage.

AmNews: What roles do the two organizations involved in these fellowships play?

BT: The Black Theater Alliance (BTC) and Broadway Across America (BAA), sponsored by the John Gore Organization (JGO) work hand in hand to recruit and mentor fellows during the 14-week program. Fellows are based in Broadway Across America offices across the country and work with both the BAA and JGO to learn the ins and outs of commercial theater and presentation. BTC plays an essential role in recruitment for the program, as they help connect their networks to this opportunity and nurture them through the process.

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