PUML To Unlock Wearable NFTs Get Paid For Better Health

PUML To Unlock Wearable NFTs Get Paid For Better Health

AUSTRALIA, Sept 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – PUML’s Genesis WearX suite contains 5,000 NFTs hand-drawn and algorithm-generated by PUML’s in-house NFT studio. Among the release of NFTs, there are more than 600 unique colors, design themes, and variations. These include different watch faces, straps, models, accessories, and backgrounds. NFTs will be developed and distributed on the Ethereum blockchain.

PUML also has plans to collaborate with world-renowned luxury brands to launch NFTs for bespoke watches.

WearX NFTs represent digital wearables that have true gameplay within the PUML mobile app and DeFi ecosystem. WearX NFTs have different utilities at different levels. At present, there are three utilities associated with each NFT.

  1. battery: This affects the available claim days that the user has to claim the reward. Additionally, it also shows how often the user will have to charge the battery to continue claiming activity rewards. For example, WearX NFT with level 1 battery utilities will have 7 prompt days and 10% in-app representation.
  1. damage resistance: NFT hours in PUML are unusable after a certain number of days. This tool determines and influences this number. The life of the watch begins after the first claim day. If the wear resistance at some point is zero and the battery is still in the watch, it is still unusable. An NFT watch equipped with Level 1 Damage Resistant Kit has a life of 1 month.
  1. distance: after: This utility determines the number of steps a user can request. The steps that can be claimed increase with the scarcity of NFT. So, “No Watch” is the less rare WearX NFT utility and allows claiming up to 1,000 steps. On the other hand, Digital Classic is a very rare utility with a maximum claim limit of 20,000 steps.

Coming to the multiplier effect. Users can have multiple NFTs in their account, and all these NFTs can combine together to provide better results. The rarity of a WearX watch can affect the multiplier, which in turn determines the amount of the reward. The multiplier also increases PUML earnings. But for this to happen, users must make sure that the watch is not broken.

Without WearX NFTs, PUML users can only access basic features and challenges. This generates limited rewards, and these users will not have access to exclusive rewards for WearX NFT holders. However, users who have one or more WearX NFTs have a lot to enjoy and look forward to. WearX NFT ONE will give users access to watch-equipped challenges. If that’s not all, they also have access to premium PUML fitness classes.

For multiple WearX holders, it’s even better. These users can choose to equip the challenges they want. They can manually choose the themes that will give them better in-app rewards, while they collect unused hours to generate passive PUMLx rewards each day.

About Better Health PUML

PUML Better Health is one of the original Web3, Move-to-Earn, Fitness and Wellness companies out of Gold Coast, Australia. PUML specializes in the Move-To-Earn industry, where users can get rewarded with the $PUMLx crypto token on the Ethereum blockchain for completing healthy challenges like steps and meditation. PUML successfully launched the Move-to-Earn Corporate Program in 2021 by signing with major companies such as Singapore, Western Union Malaysia, Deloitte, LVMH and many more, generating significant revenue and growth.

Visit PUML at https://pumlx.com/ or https://twitter.com/pumlhealthio


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