CASAblanca raise money for local children

CASAblanca raise money for local children

Wilkes Barry, County Lucerne (WBRE / WYOU) – It was a step back Thursday night in Lucerne County Court to benefit local children, as an ‘An Evening at CASAblanca’ in Year 6.

This is the primary fundraising for CASA or court-appointed private attorneys in the County of Lucerne.

There are more than 700 children in the family court system in County Lucerne and more than 500 of these children are in foster care.

The organization’s goal is to help provide a safe and permanent home for children so they can grow into healthy and empowered adults.

“You really have to take care of it because you come into a child’s life, and we want you to stay there for a while until they complete school. But we’ve found that kids who have been through the program graduate high school, they progress, they go to college,” said Ruth Corcoran, co-chair of the event, “They’re actually in better shape than they would have been if they didn’t have a defender in their lives.”

Eyewitness News was the event’s proud sponsor, and Anchor Candice Kelly was the event director.

CASA tells Eyewitness News that they have raised more than $250,000 this year alone and are always on the lookout for strong advocates.

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