ID, Hedz, Urbit ID, and more

ID, Hedz, Urbit ID, and more

Traversing the world of non-fungible items is a daunting task. With so many new NFT projects, artists, and large-scale groups popping up every week, it’s almost impossible to keep up with each subsequent development.

In the past, a simple browsing of OpenSea was enough to find the latest NFT craze. But things have changed drastically since the NFT boom of 2021. Now, NFT fans should be very aware of what and where they collect.

To help discover exciting NFT endeavors both new and old, nft now offers an understated article: a weekly column highlighting the innovative projects, groups, and artists pushing the NFT space forward.

Photo from one of the NFTs acquired by TheWeeknd and DannyBoyStyles
Familiar sample NFT

You know, set off on September 22 2022is a small batch NFT music collection from the royalty-backed NFT platform last block. The group is made up of 400 NFTs, each of which grants collectors partial ownership of the broadcast revenue of TheWeeknd’s song “Acquainted”.

Although the group is centered around a successful track by TheWeeknd, Acquainted, NFT Group, it has been spearheaded Grammy Award winning producer DannyBoyStyles, who produced the movie “Acquainted”. Similar services like have been pioneering royalty-backed NFTs for quite some time, but this latest block from anotherblock is one of the first times we’ve seen an artist bring a hit song from the old music industry to Web3.

Hedz, launched in September 16, 2022is a broad spectrum PFP array of instant die – Creator of the iconic Pepe the Frog character. The set consists of 1,000 handcrafted 1/1 NFTs fired over three separate drops.

Over the years, Matt Furie’s niche in cryptography and NFT has grown with many of his projects and memes spreading widely across Web3. With Hedz, Furie offers an accessible way for collectors to acquire a piece of art in his unique style, which draws on the collective humor of the NFT community.

Collage of Urbit ID NFTs
Collage of Urbit ID NFTs

Urbit ID: Planet, originally launched in February 2019is a large-scale set of access-enabled NFTs that synchronize with a clean Urbit registry Operating system and network ecosystem. Each NFT within the group acts as a unique identifier that allows its owners to interact with the Urbit operating system.

As part of the ever-evolving Urbit platform, Planets is the largest collection of ID NFTs, with Urbit Stars and Urbit Galaxies coming in second and third. It is said that Planet NFTs are for people, stars are for companies, and galaxies are for governance.

Each Urbit ID NFT corresponds to a short four-syllable name. This name, along with the eight-segment master passkey, has allowed ID holders to access the Urbit operating system for years, making it a unique and historical Web3 endeavor even before NFTs first reached mainstream fame. Learn more about the planets on Ubrit official website is here.

Life In Japan editions launched in May 8, 2022, is a small collection of edition pieces created by influential crypto artist Grant Yun. Originally released via elegant gate As half of his two-part debut on the catwalk, Life In Japan perfectly represents Neo-Precisionism’s unique style.

Comprising one open edition, 25 single editions, and two 10 editions, Life In Japan editions consist of 374 NFTs in total. As Yun was rapidly gaining fame in the NFT space with several notable sales prior to the Nifty Gateway’s decline, Life In Japan Editions provided a way for enthusiasts to amass one of his works without having to pay exorbitant prices.

The genesis of non-fungal fungi 3 NFT
The genesis of non-fungal fungi 2 NFT
Three NFTs. Genesis of Non-Fungal Fungi
Genesis of Non-Fungal Fungi 1 NFT

The process of formation of non-fungal mycelium has been launched October 5, 2021is a set of 10100 3D animated NFTs created by Multidisciplinary artist Elzie. Featuring different unique traits among three types of mushrooms, the Genesis group works to affect all the fungi coming from the project, including the fungus 10000 width The generative set of non-inbred fungi was released shortly after Genesis.

While the non-fungi fungi ecosystem continued to grow—now includes mint corridors, airdrops, the $SPORES code, and more—Fungi Genesis NFTs remained the most sought-after part of the entire project. Since the NFT market has grown and changed dramatically since the launch of Fungi Genesis, the collection serves as a unique historical proof of the power of small batch groups to influence an entire niche NFT ecosystem.

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