Top 10 Cryptocurrency Research Tools You Should Own as an Investor

Cryptocurrency It has taken over the world, with over 21,000 cryptocurrencies currently listed on CoinMarketCap. This has sparked the interest of novice investors to join the industry. Being a popular investment today, especially among young investors, the fear of getting lost makes it tempting to jump into the crypto world without enough knowledge.

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Investing in cryptocurrency is a risky venture under any circumstances, especially if you have no idea how to go about it. Research and analysis of cryptocurrencies. But with the right crypto research tools, you can gather the information you need to make an informed investment decision.

10 must-have tools for searching for cryptocurrencies for novice investors

Whether you are a beginner or have been investing in cryptocurrencies for years, crypto research tools can help reduce risks and increase your chances of staying ahead of the game. Here are 10 of the best search tools that you can use to improve your search before Investing in cryptocurrency.

1. Electrodes

the tracks It is a cryptocurrency data aggregator with lots of useful chart analysis tools, allowing you to make better trading decisions. It has a checker with a variety of filters, such as sector, price and market value, that you can use to customize your search on different coins.

You can use Messari for free. But if you want to get the most out of this crypto research tool, you can upgrade to Messari Pro for $24.99 per month paid annually, or $29.00 per month with no minimum subscription. Pro membership includes daily insights and long-term research, plus features for advanced screening, graphs, and a watchlist. Pro also lets you download data to a spreadsheet.

2. Glassnode

glass It is an on-chain data and intelligence platform, which means that it collects data from a number of different elements Blockchain To accurately measure crypto network activity, then use that data to inform investors about metrics and insights. You can use Glassnode to explore the market indices of any coin and display the number of active addresses with successful transactions. The platform also provides price data and allows you to set alerts and download data.

Glassnode provides free access to ‘tier 1’ data that is updated every 24 hours. Paid subscriptions are $29 per month and $799 per month, both paid annually, and provide additional levels of data and frequently updated information.

3. LunarCrush

Bitcoin And the Dogecoin by social influencers has caused huge price swings over the past year. LunarCrush provides real-time insight into who these influencers are and lets you track the influencers, currencies, and exchanges that interest you most.

LunarCrush retains the most comprehensive platform features, data, and rewards for those who contribute to the community. These contributions earn you a lunr – a platform token – that you can use to unlock those privileges.

4. Coin Metrics

Currency Scales It is a provider of financial intelligence for cryptocurrency, market and index data, network data and other analysis tools to help you make informed decisions about crypto. The platform gives you access to more than 100 assets and over 400 metrics, including new assets such as free float offer and achieved cap.

Once you have added the metrics to your chart using Coin Metrics’ network data visualization tool, you can download them with different extensions.

Coin Metrics does not list prices on its website. You will have to fill out a contact request to get pricing information and learn how to get the API key required to access Pro metrics.

5. Mind

Emotion It is another crypto research tool that deserves a closer look. Like Glassnode, Santiment provides blockchain, social media and financial data on nearly 2,000 cryptocurrencies, helping you predict the price movement of any cryptocurrency.

The platform also offers key insights and behavioral reports so you can stay ahead of impending developments. Furthermore, you can set up alerts on Santiment to get updates as the coin you see increases in social volume.

Retail crypto investors, including beginners You can feel the market with basic metrics from the main platform for $44 per month, billed annually. SanAPI accounts for developers and workers cost $149 per month, are billed annually, and provide additional metrics and historical information, as well as the ability to test strategies, build trading signals, and develop trading bots.

6. CoinGecko

You may have heard of CoinMarketCap, but you may not be familiar with it Queen Gekko. CoinGecko is one of the largest data aggregators that tracks cryptocurrency prices by market cap. You can view live price changes for over 12,000 coins and over 500 Cryptocurrency exchange.

Apart from tracking and measuring coins and tokens by market cap and exchanges by trading volume, the platform provides an in-depth analysis of the cryptocurrency market. CoinGecko also provides community statistics for FacebookAnd the TwitterAnd Reddit and more.

There are many other useful features that you can take advantage of for free to get a broad overview of a particular cryptocurrency using CoinGecko. Premium accounts cost $41.66 per month, are billed annually, and include an ad-free experience and advanced features.

7. CoinMarketCal

The cryptocurrency industry is a booming economy, which leads to a lot of market events that may affect price movements. This makes it impossible to keep tabs on events from the crypto world if you don’t use cryptographic research tools like CoinMarketCal.

CoinMarketCal is a cryptocurrency calendar that keeps you informed of all upcoming events involving coins. The platform includes evidence-based and community-driven frameworks, allowing people to add cryptographic events, which are subsequently subject to verification. Real events get an affirmative vote, while seemingly fictitious events get an anti vote.

If you are interested in certain events that you think will most likely affect the price of a particular crypto, for example, simply search for the currency on the platform. With a few clicks, you will see all the events listed for the selected period.

8. Coin Dance

coin dance It is a data-heavy bitcoin search tool that you may want to check out. The platform tracks all kinds of metrics, including rough rates, network nodes, fees, block sizes, and mining failures. You can also sort data by country to see how encryption is being adopted globally.

With Coin Dance, you can also watch coverage of other higher level stats blockchainPrice history, search volume, market value, demographics, and more. The platform is community-driven, which means that users can vote on the correctness of information provided by the community.

9. Cryptomiso

Investing in cryptocurrencies without verifying the development of a particular currency is probably a bad idea – you may invest in a dead project. Since cryptocurrencies are software protocols, they can eventually die if they are not developed, maintained, and improved.

Therefore, keeping tabs on the development of certain coding projects is vital. It is very easy to track them on Github, but you cannot track all the cryptocurrencies one by one; That’s why you need a coding search tool like cryptomyso.

CryptoMiso ranks cryptocurrencies based on activity on Github. You can check how many commits an individual coding project has made during a given period based on the most popular repository. For example, as of this writing, Bitcoin is ranked seventh in terms of cryptocurrency value in terms of platform development.

10. Divergence / Coinbase Prime

If you are interested in cryptography and derivatives, Analytics It may be a perfect fit. It is a data analysis tool that collects information from top derivative exchanges such as Bybit, OKEx, Binance And the FTX on one screen. The platform has a lot of interesting data that you can get value from.

Coinbase acquired Skew last year and made it part of Coinbase Prime. Coinbase Prime gives you secure storage, advanced trading capabilities, and customer services in a variety of time zones.

As of September 25, Skew will no longer be available. However, Skew users can create a Coinbase Prime account for free.


Cryptocurrency research tools are important for any investor. Before putting your money into a particular cryptocurrency project, learn about a tool or two. These tools will give you insight into the price movements of any crypto project.

good to know

Use Cryptographic search tools Profits are not guaranteed. Instead, the tools are meant to help you make informed investment decisions.

While using any of these tools for the first time can be overwhelming, once you get used to it, you’ll be able to make the most informed investment decisions you can.

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