“I said and did things that I regret today”

He was considered one of the most prominent Crown deniers, and after a legal dispute he was even allowed to be branded an anti-Semite. Singer Xavier Naidoo ran after many abstruse theories. Now comes the surprising twist. In recent years, Xavier Naidoo has been more popular with gay people, the right and opponents of Corona … Read more

Ancelotti obliterates Casemiro – break for Benzema ‘makes no sense’

press conferenceCarlo Ancelotti does not hide that Real Madrid are on the verge of winning the league. The coach continues to encourage concentration, he thinks that nothing is decided yet. Luka Modrić will get a break against CA Osasuna, ‘Carletto’ said in the Matchday 33 pre-match press conference, while in Karim Benzema’s case it’s not … Read more

Dragonflight Exclusive Interview: Ion Hazzikostas talks about the future of WoW – World of Warcraft

Following the announcement of Dragonflight, WoW’s 9th expansion, I had the opportunity to speak to World of Warcraft Director Ion Hazzikostas. We were about ten people in the conference and I suggest you find the most important information about the new features that are coming in the Blizzard MMORPG. Prepatch patch 10.0 Events will unfold … Read more

Nicolas, damn cage! 🤌

Once an undisputed star of Hollywood, Nicolas Cage has grown into a second-rate actor accustomed to direct-to-video. The actor still has a lot to offer us, however, he who has a talent for solid gold in dark rooms. As a friend put it so well, Nicolas Cage always plays his films like he’s aiming for … Read more

Genesio announces a huge reinforcement for RCSA-SRFC

that Rennais Stadium meets RC Straßburg, a direct competitor in the overall standings, this Wednesday. For this is the SRFC can expect substantial returns. SRFC: Stade Rennais regains its defense against Strasbourg Capital game for Stade Rennais this Wednesday, which meets his former coach Julien Stéphan and the RC Strasbourg for a finale before the … Read more

Lahr and Offenburg stations closed after bomb threat – blockage should be lifted soon – Lahr

Large-scale operation in Ortenau Lahr and Offenburg stations are currently closed due to a bomb threat. The rail service from Freiburg to Offenburg has been interrupted. Obviously, it was a false alarm. Due to a bomb threat, Lahr and Offenburg stations were closed on Tuesday evening and train operations from Freiburg to Offenburg were suspended. … Read more

Conti resumes tire production in Russia

AUS companies in Russia have reacted differently in recent weeks to the country’s war of aggression against Ukraine. Some have left Russia or restricted their activities. Others stay put. Automotive supplier and tire manufacturer Continental is now showing a new approach. After the initial production shutdown, the Dax Group from Hanover is partially resuming production, … Read more