“I said and did things that I regret today”

He was considered one of the most prominent Crown deniers, and after a legal dispute he was even allowed to be branded an anti-Semite. Singer Xavier Naidoo ran after many abstruse theories. Now comes the surprising twist. In recent years, Xavier Naidoo has been more popular with gay people, the right and opponents of Corona … Read more

Hermann Nitsch († 83): Austrian action artist is dead

Mourning for the artist Hermann Nitsch. The Austrian, who is one of the best-known representatives of Viennese Actionism, died on Monday evening at the age of 83. Photo series with 56 images Action artist Hermann Nitsch is dead, ORF reports, citing his family. As a result, he died at the age of 83 on Monday … Read more

Ethan Hawke shares a rare photo with his children

Hollywood star Ethan Hawke showed off his two youngest children on Instagram. All three wear bunny ears in the snapshot. A record of rare value. Ethan Hawke, 51, isn’t known for revealing much about his private life. But this Easter weekend, he made an exception. The actor shared a rare photo of his youngest daughters, … Read more

Nathalie Volk reveals intimate details about Frank Otto

Too much information? Obviously does not know Nathalie Volk. During a Q&A on Instagram, she decided to divulge details about her sex life. Photo series with 16 images There has recently been a stir over his private life. After all, Nathalie Volk has had four relationships with three different men over the past two years. … Read more

Til Schweiger shoots “Manta, Manta 2” with his daughters

the The sequel to the cult 90s film becomes a family affair. Up to Schweiger is not only there as the lead actor himself, but also brought two of his children on camera for “Manta, Manta 2.” The comedy “Manta, Manta” was not only a big hit in cinemas in 1991, but also the starting … Read more

How parents can recognize diabetes in their child early / Type 1 diabetes often develops in infancy / What warning signs parents should watch out for

Baierbrunn (ots) – Diabetes in young children? Don’t you get diabetes only when you get older? “A lot of people still believe that,” says the pediatric endocrinologist and diabetologist. Thomas Kapellen, chief physician of the Median Children’s Hospital in Naumburg. “But diabetes can develop as early as crawling age.” In the pharmacy magazine “Baby und … Read more

Jan-Gregor Kremp lost 20 kilos

In “The Old Man – Death on the Cliff”, Jan-Gregor Kremp investigates the Baltic Sea. Not only its successor can be seen in the film, but also its great success with customers. Now he has revealed how he did it. Photo series with 30 images At the beginning of March, Jan-Gregor Kremp announced that he … Read more

Eddy on Pietro Lombardi’s post – his ex likes it

A photo of two hands and two gold rings is causing a stir on Instagram. Pietro Lombardi accidentally took the photo with a red heart. Is the musician dating again or is it just PR? Photo series with 25 images After the relationship with Sarah Engels, Pietro Lombardi is considered eternally single. He keeps his … Read more

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried is dead

Mourning for Gilbert Gottfried: The comedian, who starred in many American comedies like “Beverly Hills Cop II”, died after a long illness. He was 67 years old. Photo series with 56 images “We are heartbroken to announce the passing of our beloved Gilbert Gottfried after a long illness,” his family said in a statement on … Read more

Yeliz Koc publishes letter from ex Jimi Blue’s lawyer

Something is wrong between Yeliz Koc and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht. The ex-couple had indeed reconciled after the public war of the roses. But now the TV star has obviously turned on her lawyer. It’s a high and a low for Yeliz Koc and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht. The influencer and the ‘Wilde Kerle’ actor split last … Read more