The bachelor Dominik and his Anna: will the wedding bells ring soon? – People

Who would have thought that Bachelor Dominik Stuckmann (30) really found THE big love when he offered his last rose to Anna Rossow (33) during the grand finale of the TV show Dome. But things are going very well between the Bachelor and his chosen ones. And all the signs point to marriage! “Now the … Read more

Willi Herren († 45): That’s why he still doesn’t have a gravestone on the 1st anniversary of his death – people

A story about his final resting place. On Wednesday April 20, the sudden death of Willi Herren († 45), which shocked millions of fans, dates back exactly one year. Looking at his grave in the Cologne Melaten celebrity cemetery, the question arises: Why does the popular actor and entertainer still not have a headstone? Instead, … Read more

Bonez MC: Large-scale operation and injuries at a party with 187 street gang rappers – people

Let things like go wild at their parties – for free. But now there’s been a major operation at a party with 187 street gang member Bonez MC (36) – because that’s where it all went awry. Bonez himself posted some impressions of the long, stormy night on Instagram: At a disco party with the … Read more

Nathalie Volk: “Have you ever had an orgasm?” What she answers… – people

She carries ONE man to the skies, the others prefer not to listen. model and entrepreneur Nathalie Volk (25) is on cloud nine after a few romantic setbacks: she is very happy with her ex-boyfriend, billionaire Frank Otto (64). How happy? Everyone should see this – and read it. Nathalie has no problem unpacking the … Read more

Jack Nicholson: I sleep until 11, then there are pills – people

At his craziest moments, he was nicknamed “Jack The Jumper” – because he constantly had changing sex partners. Jack Nicholson (84) is taking it easy today. He celebrates his 85th birthday on Friday and lives in isolation on Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills. 1997: Nicholson receives another Oscar for “As Good as It Gets” … Read more

Bushido babies go swimming: swimming exercises with the Ferchichis – people

Shock of sugar to the power of three! Jeez, are they cute! On Sunday, Anna-Maria Ferchichi (40), wife of rapper Bushido (43), posted a particularly funny bath photo: the photo shows her triplet daughters Leonora, Naima and baby Amaya swimming. Toddlers have fun in the hot tub with special swimming neck rings. Admittedly, the girls … Read more

The oligarchs no longer buy Fabergé works of art: Ouch on the tsar’s eggs – people

When it comes to art, the savings come first. Hangover vibe at posh London auction houses! Why? Among their regular customers are the Russian oligarchs. They not only bought yachts with their billions, but also expensive Russian art. Legendary jeweler: Peter Carl Fabergé (1846-1920)Photo: Because of the sanctions for the invasion of Ukraine, the … Read more

Coachella Festival: Alessandra Ambrosio’s hippie scare – People

The Ferris wheel in the desert turns again… No other music festival in the world generates as much excitement as the “Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival” in Indio (California) on the outskirts of Los Angeles. The three-day musical show has been taking place in the desert since 1999. After having to be canceled for … Read more