“I said and did things that I regret today”

He was considered one of the most prominent Crown deniers, and after a legal dispute he was even allowed to be branded an anti-Semite. Singer Xavier Naidoo ran after many abstruse theories. Now comes the surprising twist. In recent years, Xavier Naidoo has been more popular with gay people, the right and opponents of Corona … Read more

Hermann Nitsch († 83): Austrian action artist is dead

Mourning for the artist Hermann Nitsch. The Austrian, who is one of the best-known representatives of Viennese Actionism, died on Monday evening at the age of 83. Photo series with 56 images Action artist Hermann Nitsch is dead, ORF reports, citing his family. As a result, he died at the age of 83 on Monday … Read more

“Les Geissens”: It’s now official – “An era is ending”

“Les Geissens”: It’s now official – “An era is ending” The Geissens: This is how Robert and Carmen became rich The Geissens: This is how Robert and Carmen became rich They are probably the richest TV family in German television: the Geissens. But how did Robert and Carmen Geiss become so rich? show description Every … Read more

Ethan Hawke shares a rare photo with his children

Hollywood star Ethan Hawke showed off his two youngest children on Instagram. All three wear bunny ears in the snapshot. A record of rare value. Ethan Hawke, 51, isn’t known for revealing much about his private life. But this Easter weekend, he made an exception. The actor shared a rare photo of his youngest daughters, … Read more

Nathalie Volk reveals intimate details about Frank Otto

Too much information? Obviously does not know Nathalie Volk. During a Q&A on Instagram, she decided to divulge details about her sex life. Photo series with 16 images There has recently been a stir over his private life. After all, Nathalie Volk has had four relationships with three different men over the past two years. … Read more

Harry and Meghan share a romantic moment in front of the public

During this performance, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan not only celebrated the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games, but above all their love. The couple celebrated them on the public stage. Photo series with 13 images Romance was not overlooked when Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan appeared at the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games … Read more

Duchess Meghan shines in white – and surprises with a touching gesture

Following her retirement from the royal family, Duchess Meghan traveled to Europe for the first time with her husband, Prince Harry. In The Hague, however, she was not only celebrated for her taste for fashion. Photo series with 13 images It’s been about two years since Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan turned their backs on … Read more

Til Schweiger shoots “Manta, Manta 2” with his daughters

the The sequel to the cult 90s film becomes a family affair. Up to Schweiger is not only there as the lead actor himself, but also brought two of his children on camera for “Manta, Manta 2.” The comedy “Manta, Manta” was not only a big hit in cinemas in 1991, but also the starting … Read more

Here’s how his meeting with the royal family went

Before their date in The Hague, the couple stopped at Windsor Castle to visit Queen Elizabeth II. There was also a meeting with Prince Charles – which would have been anything but easy. Photo series with 25 images The Invictus Games, for which Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan traveled to Europe, begin this Saturday in … Read more

Les Wollny: Difficult to recognize Loredana – sad suspicion

The Wollnys: Loredana is barely recognizable – fans have sad suspicions 04/15/2022 at 6:19 PM The Wollnys: a terribly large family The Wollnys: a terribly large family We present to you probably Germany’s largest TV family, the Wollny. show description If you look at old pictures of “The Wollnys“-Baby of the family Loredana look, you … Read more